PRASAC builds libraries for primary schools

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Improving education and literacy of young students

In order to achieve the Cambodia Millennium Development Goals (CMDG) by 2015, the Cambodian Government has put Education Development high on its agenda. That is why the “Education For All” program has been initiated to ensure that all Cambodian students complete Primary School at the least and further enroll in the 9 years program.

PRASAC has launched a project called “Library Project” in 2011 to support the government’s policy in this respect. The project has been set up in cooperation with Room to Read, an organization dedicated to promoting and enabling education through programs focused on literacy and gender equality in education. The project aims to building libraries for primary schools.

The first library was officially opened at the end of 2011 in the Pongror Leu primary school in Chek Commune, Chikreng District, SiemReap province. In 2012, PRASAC plans to build two new fully-equipped library facilities in two provinces, Kg Thom and Kg Cham. Moreover PRASAC will offer scholarship for outstanding students on both local and national level.


PRASAC, the largest microfinance institution in Cambodia, with 158 offices nationwide, has boosted its operations to help the Cambodian people improving their living standards through the provision of loans, savings, local money transfer, and local money exchange. In addition, PRASAC is the first microfinance institution in Cambodia to launch ATM services. As of July 2012, PRASAC provided loans to 121,531 active borrowers with a loan portfolio worth more than USD 172 million. PRASAC has 79,320 depositors representing more than USD 22.5 million of savings.