One Laptop per Child

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Education for hope and a better future

Banco LAFISE Bancentro, who is a beneficiary of a loan facility from BIO, initiated in 2009 an education program in Nicaragua called “One Laptop per Child”. The project aims to contribute to a sustainable and qualitative education by increasing access to the digital world for students.

Reducing the digital gap

The Zamora Terán Foundation promotes in Nicaragua The Educational Program One Laptop per Child. This initiative born from the Corporate Social Responsibility of LAFISE Financial Group in order to reduce the digital gap and improve the quality of life - social and economic - of the children.

The focus of the educational program is to provide each student and teacher a rugged laptop, along with a permanent plan for teacher training and the creation of a sustainable infrastructure of connectivity and innovation in each school. The aim is to bring the cyber world closer to the students, improving their opportunities for development, social mobility and equity.

To date, 26,000 children from 85 schools across the country have benefited from the educational program. As a result, children are more excited about learning, have become the protagonists of their learning and their families are more committed to their future and the hope of a better tomorrow.

The Foundation has implemented a comprehensive program that rests on five pillars:

• Logistics and Implementation

• Continuing Education for Teachers

• Maintenance and Technical Support

• Impact Measurement

• Volunteer Program

All these are necessary to accompany the school served with sustainability and success.

The results obtained so far are very relevant and promising. The parameters of quality of education and student retention have improved substantially and the program is an example for other countries. All this has been possible through the support of donors committed to the development of the country through education.

About the Zamora Terán Foundation

The Zamora Terán Foundation, founded in the year 2009 by María Josefina Terán de Zamora and her husband Roberto Zamora Llanes, is a non-profit organization, which aims to deepen and provide a greater scope to the social projects promoted by the LAFISE Group, as part of its corporate social responsibility in Central America.

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